Tarsier Acquires Smart City Software For Real Time Energy Management

Tarsier Acquires Smart City Software For Real Time Energy Management

Tarsier Acquires Smart City Software for

Real Time Energy Management

Major New York Client Earned $1.3 Million in 2015 Utilizing the Platform 

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – January 28, 2016) – Tarsier Ltd. (OTC PINK: TAER), announced today that it has finalized an acquisition of patented energy management software formerly known as “Grid Daemon.” The acquisition includes adopting an existing contract with a major NY industrial client which generated revenues over $1.3 million in 2015, as a result of the platform’s performance.

“The transaction is a leap forward for Tarsier as they will now be one of three companies with the ability to earn large industrial clients (such as factories, hospitals and schools) large sums of cash by:

  • seamlessly connecting them to the nation’s electrical grid
  • managing their facilities energy usage in real-time
  • providing the grid access to their facilities unneeded electric power during rare, but extreme periods of demand

Our technical team plans on updating the platform to enhance its performance even more and our sales and marketing team will relaunch it under the new name ‘T-Flow,'” said Cory Rosenberg, the Company’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“In order to be effective in energy savings, we need to better engage with, and manage, the growing amounts of data we now have access to. The T-Flow software provides us a tremendous amount of information on the flow of energy to and from the power source (e.g. the nation’s grid, micro-grids, back-up batteries, generators, etc.). We analyze and use that data to help gain efficiencies in the flow of electricity and optimize efficiency by managing usage during peak times, when electricity costs are higher. T-Flow is a perfect example how information provides businesses with new found revenue and at the same time making our electrical infrastructure more efficient,” stated Tarsier’s CEO Isaac H Sutton. Mr. Sutton further commented, “We are now focused on adding more clients to the T-Flow platform and building Tarsier’s revenues.”

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