TARSIER Acquires 1-800 NY Bulbs

TARSIER Acquires 1-800 NY Bulbs

TARSIER Acquires 1-800 NY Bulbs

New LED Lights could save Americans nearly $630 billion in total energy costs

NEW YORK, NY – (Uptick Newswire – January 5, 2017) – Tarsier Ltd. (OTC PINK: TAER), announced today that it has finalized the acquisition of 100% of 1-800 NY Bulbs Ltd. (www.nybulbs.com),  a 28 year old NY based company which offers bulb supply and lighting maintenance services.  1-800 NY BULBS is a GE Authorized Dealer and Distributor.  Mr. Randall Satin and Mr. Lawrence Merson, NY Bulbs founders, will remain on as management.

Per the US Department of Energy  “Less than a decade ago, LEDs were a novel lighting option that few people understood. Now they’re practically everywhere. In 2008, fewer than 400,000 LED bulbs were installed. Compare that to 77 million in 2014 and 202 million in 2015. That’s coupled with a price reduction of 94 percent. What’s more, modern LED bulbs — powered by technology developed here in the U.S. — consume up to 85 percent less energy than their incandescent counterparts. The Energy Department predicts that LEDs will account for 85 percent of all lighting installations by 2035. From 2015 through 2035, LEDs could save Americans nearly $630 billion in total energy costs.”

Isaac H. Sutton, Tarsier’s Ltd CEO stated, “ This acquisition gives Tarsier the local presence for servicing US customers with LED products. As stated by the Dept of Energy, we are in a growth market that saves money. Tarsier is looking forward in building on NY Bulb’s foundation and successful formula.  We are looking forward  to NY Bulbs addition to our Group and the renewable Energy Solution, that they provide.”

Randall Satin, NY Bulbs President and Founder commented, “ We offer cutting-edge lighting solutions for professionals, backed by exceptional customer service. Here at 1-800 NY BULBS, we make value, our top priority when helping our clients choose the best products for their use. Our energy-efficient lighting products are guaranteed to illuminate your professional space beautifully, all while saving your business valuable time and money. Our complete line of LED bulbs illuminate the most upscale professional spaces, including boutiques, restaurants, churches, nightclubs and more. In addition, 1-800 NY BULBS offers comprehensive lighting service and maintenance options including re-lamping, ballast replacement, and bucket truck services. Our customer service is unparalleled – your call will be attended to by our experienced maintenance team within 24 hours. From high-end retail to cathedrals and everything in between, 1-800 NY BULBS is dedicated to providing the absolute best in commercial lighting products and services to our clients.”

Lawrence Merson, NY Bulbs Founder, we have built this company over the last 28 years, providing AAA service, with an in depth knowledge of the industry.  LED’s provides NY Bulbs  the ability to offer new energy efficient products to our customer base. We are excited to be part of Tarsier Group and the complimentary energy solutions that they offer.


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