We leverage our advanced technology platform and energy industry expertise to offer competitive and sustainable solutions for smart cities, energy management and renewable energy generation.

Tarsier is a technology company building intelligent solutions for the cities, grids and citizens of the future. We are a team of technologists, engineers and experts building software, hardware and services that connect and optimize the infrastructure that powers our daily lives.
We are passionate about solving big problems in energy production and distribution, city infrastructure and public transportation. As sensors become ubiquitous and everything becomes a data-producing node in an ever-expanding network, connecting our increasingly complex world and the things that power it is more crucial than ever.

We develop technology-driven solutions, and focus specifically on optimizing the generation, transmission and usage of electricity, public transportation systems, and city services such as public Wi-Fi, safety and security, and lighting. We work with world-class partners for the development and installation of next-generation infrastructure assets, and implement our technology platforms to ensure those assets deliver the maximum efficient value to the city, its businesses and citizens.

Tarsier currently has several projects in various stages of development in the developing world.

Cities that fit Tarsier’s criteria for an ideal candidate are committed to investing in a sustainable future by building new infrastructure and technology and/or upgrading existing legacy assets and systems, and see the long-term potential of operating a data-driven city that empowers its businesses and citizens with world-class services, reliable infrastructure and a safer, more secure community.